Commercial And Industrial Electric Services

Commercial and Industrial including Medical Practices 

We undertake all design, installations and repair services, so whatever you need we can help! 

• Inspection and testing BS7671 -2018

• Sectional testing

• PAT Class 1 &2 and Fixed equipment where parameters allow

• Lighting design and installation

• Lightning, LPS, calculation and risk BS62305

• Power maps and zone creation in old buildings

• Fire, smoke, heat alarms L1 to L3, P1 to P3

• Installation, Distribution Board, switchgear

• Power Factor assessment and design for EPC

• Phase balancing to prevent overloading and PF Gradient

• External effects (condensation, temp. corrosive ) assessments

• Emergency lighting BS5266

• BMS (innotech trained )

• Design, from clients brief to installation as per CDM

• Reports, Assessments and methodology

• Remedials

• Mechanical services (Gasafe, FGas, plumbing )

• Condensation control, cold walls affecting the integrity of supply, spore growth

• Ventilation natural and forced

• External power and light ( earth rods, carparks etc )

• Surveys electrical and damp

• Medical and food prep areas install and report inline with FSA and CQC

• Insurers reports and requirements for remedial

Over the years we have dealt with most problems from the basin with thermostatic controls and non-stream interruption for medical applications to retrofit FL fittings in warehouses to reduce consumption.

We undertook a lighting design change in forensic accounts in Batchworth Golf Club, Herts, where the staff were getting eye strain due to the geometry of the lighting and type(halogen), by relocation and changing to CFL fittings we reduce power consumption by 60% and no eye strain 

Our power map allows identification of circuits fitting etc easily from one point of origin particularly in old buildings where electricity, gas and water isolation can be difficult.